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Milagros are traditional Mexican 'amulets' or also known as 'little miracles'. You keep your 'milagro' in your pocket or on your person to hope for a 'miracle'. Each 'milagro' represents something you wish you had in your life or need protection for, or for healing. We offer one of a kind bracelets with your choice of color, stones and milagros.



For protection and to be close to past loved ones.



Key words for bees are love, life, order, sweetness and nuturing. Starting a new life and for good luck in your work or true calling. Protection on your home and for good team work.



The horseshoe is a symbol of good luck and protection. It has become a very superstitious symbol dating very far back to a blacksmith and his dealings with the devil. The story goes that the devil asked the blacksmith attach horseshoes to his hooved feet. The blacksmith did as he was told, nailing the horseshoes to the feet. However, it caused the devil a lot of pain and the blacksmith would only remove them if the devil promised never to enter a home where there was a horseshoe hanging. Today, everyone is wearing a horseshoe to protect them from evil and negative energy.



To see the truth and see your true path. Intelligence, light and truth.



Wealth, value, power, flow, and appreciation. Coins for wealth and good fortune. Good luck in business.



Harmony and passion in love, for good times and friendship. Gatherings with friends or loved ones.


Hearts with chains:

To see the truth and see your true path. Intelligence, light and truth.



Opening and closing powers,. Ir represents knowledge, mystery, initiation and curiosity. New homes and new beginnings



Signifies truth, hope, renewal, revival and a symbol for fertility and growth. The term 'turning a new leaf' which is popular in the western world, signifies having a new chance, starting over, and amend past miracles.



Feeling secure, open up hidden feelings from your life. Let in new love into their life or lock away a secret.


Crecent Moons:

It is one of the oldest symbols known to man. The Lamp of heaven and earth. To bring light and love and bring feminine energy. Also good for a good night sleep.



Protection against anger, blame and arguments. Bring passion to their lives.



Releasing your unlimited creativity. Used to symbolize creative life energy. Fulfill intentions, creative spirit, source of creative life.


Rose Heart:

For self love, finding beauty in yourself, 'loving yourself to love others.'

Sacred Heart:

To protect your heart, your life, to heal and to find your true love.


Dagger and the Heart:

Protection against infidelity and healing the broken heart.



Happiness, joy, traveling, male energy and joy. Laughter and fun.


Decorated Heart:

For old memories, lost loves, broken hearts, and long lost friends.



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