barabella jewellery

Luxury Line


Box Ring

Sterling silver, roller printed with smokey quartz

Tensionset ring with herkimer diamond

Crushed rings gold plated

False tunnel setting silver ring with circonia

Folded silver ring

Smokey quartz cocktail ring


Ingot ring with print, sawed out feather and moon stones

Spaghetti ring sterling silver with crystal

Sterling silver ingot ring double finger



Sterling silver with green citrin

Sterling silver with stars and smokey quartz

Sterling silver with turqoise

Sterling silver with black Onyx

Sterling silver with smokey quartz

Sterling Silver Hematite Stacking rings

Sterling silver moonstone rings

Sterling silver stud stacking rings



Bird Skull bracelet with sawed our feathers

Sterling silver bracelet with casted studs

Skull bracelet with reticulated bones



Sterling silver bird skull with sawed out feathers necklace

Skull necklace with reticulated bones

Crystal quartz silver necklace, wanderlust

Horseshoe setting with smokey quartz, sterling silver

Oh my dear, silver casted pendant

Bullet hole necklace with labrodite

Riveted prong silver necklace with midnight gold stone

Overlay compass necklace with sterling silver and copper, coordinates of San miguel de allende, Mexico

Fusing silver with smokey quartz necklace

Crochet Jewelry

*Also available in silver thread




Metallic Crocheted studded bracelets

Metallic Romantic crocheted

Metallic gold color studded bracelet


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